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Handbook on European data protection law

The Handbook is available in multiple languages, and it is a useful tool for every citizen. It has been prepared by the EU Agency for Fundamental Rights (FRA), with the Council of Europe (together with the Registry of the European Court of Human Rights) and the European Data Protection Supervisor. It is designed to assist practitioners not specialised in the field of data protection, including lawyers, judges

Privacy Policy

Under the GDPR a Privacy Policy is absolutely necessary to each and every website where personal data are processed. Websites, e-shops, social media and blogs must have Privacy Policies, when there is a contact form, a login function or users may create accounts or even send their data without creating an account. Users are Data Subjects, and websites' owners are considered Data Controllers.

E-health applications

E-health applications and Greek data protection law. It was only after year 2010 that Greek patients got a unique social security identification number. Until then insured citizens were identified only through the number of their health booklets given by their various social security organizations. Law 3892/2010 set an electronic system of public health, and today the bigger part of it has been already implemented.

How to avoid leakage of source code or company information

How to avoid leakage of source code or company information.
Your employees know a lot about your company and your programmers know by heart the source code of the software that your company generates or modifies, or even its valuable technical structure. In a possible transfer of your staff to another company...

Interview to AL HAYAT

Interview to AL HAYAT When Internet laws entered officially in Greece? The first enactment that explicitly referred to e-communications must be of the 90’s.

Professional email addresses

French and Greek approach on the professional email addresses Is a professional email address –such as [email protected] - personal data?

European domain names

What you should know in order to obtain a “European” domain name By Elena Spiropoulou, Attorney at law The European domain names ending in .eu are close to becoming rea

What follows the foundation of a company

What follows the foundation of a company? Obligations and practical instructions. By Elena Alk.

When publication becomes piracy in the internet

When publication becomes piracy in the internet Websites full of pirated content Internet has made its entrance in our lives for good, and an increasing amount of peopl

Safe surfing in the internet

Safe surfing in the internet. Internet is a means of communications for little and… older children.


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