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Domain Names

Domain names are highly valued assets of your existing business or your future business and plans. Sometimes almost everything depends on a special domain name. In Spiropoulou Law Firm we know this and we appreciate your efforts to create or keep a domain name which means a lot for your business or for you personally. If you are planning a new business and you visit us, one of the matters that we will discuss thoroghly with you is which are the best practices to follow when creating a domain name for your business in order to start building your business’ reputation in safety. We will check the availability of your domain name and more than that, we will carry out a detailed search of every kind of brand name which may conflict your chosen domain name, like trademarks, marks, distinctive titles. In case we find that third parties' former rights apply, we will advice you on the possible cases which may arise and the best way to respond. 

In Spiropoulou Law Firm we will take care of your disputes regarding domain names, in courts, before the National Telecommunications and Post Comission in Greece or through ICANN procedures. We are proud to be of the first law offices on this field in Greece and we will be happy to share our long experience with you in order to assist you on any matter regarding your domain names.