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E-health applications

E-health applications and Greek data protection law

E-health applications and Greek data protection law It was only after year 2010 that Greek patients got a unique social security identification number. Until then insured citizens were identified only through the number of their health booklets given by their various social security organizations. Law 3892/2010 set an electronic system of public health, and today the bigger part of it has been already implemented. According to the 3892/2010 law, doctors, pharmacists and health units are subscribed to the Electronic Prescribing System and through it they prescribe to their patients electronically all necessary medical examinations and medications. The database of Electronic Prescribing System is administered and supervised by a public entity, which is responsible for the safeness and security of data registered. Access to the database is permitted only to doctors, pharmacists, health units and social security organizations and only to the part of the database that concerns them. It is quite peculiar that patients themselves have to apply to their social security organizations in order to access their registered data and they may access these data only with the assistance of their physician. Electronic health files and e-cards which will maintain/save all medical actions and medications prescribed to patients are also scheduled and defined by greek legislation but are not fully implemented yet. Electronic health file and health e-card will be accessible by the patient, his physician and authorities when having the patient’s consent. Although it seems that sensitive data are exposed in an unsecure environment, provisions of greek legislation confirm legislators concern about the security and safeness of the subjects’ personal data, as access to all those e-tools is permitted only to persons who are already committed themselves to a code of conduct. It’s a challenge for the greek electronic health system to combine the necessity for a national electronic health system with the patients’ rights and medical confidentiality.