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Handbook on European data protection law

The Handbook is available in multiple languages, and it is a useful tool for every citizen. It has been prepared by the EU Agency for Fundamental Rights (FRA), with the Council of Europe (together with the Registry of the European Court of Human Rights) and the European Data Protection Supervisor. It is designed to assist practitioners not specialised in the field of data protection, including lawyers, judges and other legal practitioners, as well as individuals working for other bodies, such as non-governmental organisations (NGOs), who may be confronted with legal questions relating to data protection.  It includes the context and backround of european data protection law, references to the limitations of the right to data protection and its interaction with other rights and legitimate interests. There is an extended data protection terminology and vocabulary, and an intorduction to the key principles to the european data protection law. An extended chapter explains the rules of lawful processing and another the data subject's rights.  Also references are made to cross-border transfers and flows of personal data, data protection in the context of police and criminal justice and modern challenges in personal data protection.