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Elena Spiropoulou

Elena Spiropoulou is the head of Spiropoulou Law Firm. She was born in Athens Greece and is a dedicated professional lawyer for more than 15 years. She is also an accredited Mediator and a Data Protection Officer. She graduated from Dimokriteio University of Thrace. She has a Master of Art in International Relations and Strategy from the Panteion University. Besides greek which is her native language, she speaks english and italiano fluently. She has worked almost exclusively on the field of Intellectual Property and IT Law and was one of the very first lawyers in Greece who were practising IT Law. She has translated into greek language the Gnu General Public License v.2 (GPLv.2) and the Lesser General Public License v.2 (LGPL v.2). She cooperates with the legal team of FSF Europe (Free Software Foundation). Several court decisions about important aspects of the function of domain names in Greece was the result of her services to respective clients. She has written several articles in newspapers and tech magazines in Greece. For two years (2008-2009) she was editor in chief to the weekly TV show “Digital Greece” which was broadcasted from the national public channel ET1. She participated in the Digital Awearness Response Team of the Special Secretary of Digital Strategy of the Ministry of Finance of Greece. In 2014 she was nominated as an accredited Mediator and she keeps studying, practising and educating herself on this magnificent new field.