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Elena Spiropoulou is an accredited Mediator. She studied mediation practices in Promitheas Educational Centre in 2013. She also studied International Relations and Strategy in Panteion University of Athens where she studied Theory and Techniques on International Negotiations and Game Theory. 


After more than fifteen years of law practice in Greece, in Spiropoulou Law Firm we strongly believe in alternative methods of dispute resolution. Mediation is a structured process in which two or more parts of a dispute attempt to resolve their dispute reaching a mutually accepted agreement, with the assistance of a neutral third person, the Mediator. Mediation was introduced to the greek legal system with the law 3898/2010 (Mediation in civil and commercial matters) which transposed the 2008/52 EU Directive into the national law. There are plenty of reasons to choose Mediation istead of a court room, and the speed of the process (Mediation is completed within a day) is just one of them. According to the  International Chamber of Commerce, the settlement rate is 74% if file is transferred to mediator and over 80% if first meeting with mediator is held. Moreover research shows that there is even a high rate of future cooperation or dispute resolution out of the mediation process for the parties that did not reach an agreement through the mediation process. The impact of the process is considerable since during the day of the mediation parties meet with each other face to face, communicate their feelings and arguments, and try hard to create a field of cooperation and resolution. Elena Spiropoulou is a staunch supporter of mediation practice and a devoted mediator determined to assist parties to reach a final mutually satisfying agreement.


Parties' lawyers play a crucial role to a successful mediation. Although mediation is not a strictly legal process, parties are constantly supported by their lawyers who are bound by the mediation agreement as well. In Spiropoulou Law Firm we will assist you throughout the mediation process and support your interests in the most effective and beneficial way.