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Our Principles

In Spiropoulou Law Firm we respect your time and money. Your business is our business and we take care of your affairs as ours. Our main principles are:
- Immediacy. In Spiropoulou Law Firm we like closing cases saving our clients' valuable time and money. Our goal is to let you focus on your business with the less possible disruption.
- Responsibility. Our clients count on us and we respect that.
- Proactive action. We care to know your business in depth in order to provide you with an overall plan of legal compliance. We consult our clients how to act proactively and  need less litigation and our most livelong clients deeply appreciate this approach.
- Result driven actions. When possible and applicable we strongly recommend extrajudicial processes such as Mediation in order to achieve a viable and mutually accepted agreement covering many more aspects of a dispute than what may appear as a claim in a court process.

Our goal is to serve your interests on the highest level. We are proud to have deep knowledge of law in the fields of Intellectual Property, Data Protection, Information Technology and a deep understanding of the relative market in Greece, Europe and globally. We are constantly updated in current european and greek law, but we also keep up with the latest legal news and we stay informed about the european legislation processes in our fields of expertise. We consider you, our clients, as our lifelong partners.